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Tholo International (Pty) is an investment Company with interest in various industries. It's portfolio includes Contract Mining; Renewable Energy; Mining Exploration; Logistics & Aviation.

Remgro's three principal risks are summarised below. RISK CONTEXT The destruction of value due to poor management of existing investments, including management at investee company level. The successful management of investments are dependent upon a proper understanding of the businesses of the investee companies and also in identifying the appropriate Tholo International executives that will represent it on the boards of the investee companies. The loss of value or opportunity to create value due to inefficient or ineffective identification or acquisition of new investments or the disinvestment from existing investments. Sound investment evaluation processes and qualified personnel need to be in place in order to prevent poor investment/disinvestment decisions being taken. Risk of financial and/or reputational loss attributed to the selection of inappropriate executive directors and/or officers. The appointment of inappropriate personnel can have negative consequences on the Company’s reputation. The assessment of new senior appointments and succession planning is thus pivotal to the success of the Company.

The following aspects are considered fundamental to the sustainability of growth and wealth creation: Tholo International's size and influence enables it to acquire significant stakes in entities that are big enough to have a significant effect on Tholo International's results;The availability of cash enables Tholo International to make new investments or to increase its stake in well-performing investments, or fund growth opportunities by means of shareholder loans; and The ability to add value to investee companies by means of skilled and experienced executives.


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