Definition of “Sustainable”: Using a resource so that the resource is not depleted (Merriam Webster).  The definition of the word sustainable defines our ethos for sustaining capital growth.  Our subsidiaries are driven to always consider sustainability in the exploration of all ventures.  We actively acquire strategic interests in established business ventures that have the potential to maximize ROI.  We do this by entering into strategic alliances with companies that offer value-add synergies that translate into profitable partnerships.  Tholo International’s BEE transactional model is to pursue deals that offer operational involvement for our directors or executive management.  Tholo International is committed to actively participate in businesses in which it invests.


The businesses must have clean, identifiable goals where we can deliver value added services such as:


qBusiness development initiatives;
qFacilitating change management process and expertise; and
qEmbarking on a skills transfer and development drive in all our ventures.